About us

We are a world Exchange that operates globally with a focus on decentralization and implementation of new technologies
Our company is made up of people who work every day focused on behalf of their customers, striving for excellence and offering the best service in the world.
We believe that the results we deliver to our customers are our sole responsibility, we strive to improve what is already excellent, after all, an artist never sees his work finished.
We try to do as teachers, but with the humility of eternal apprentices, we try to do our best because we believe that this is the moral principle of all history, as the poet says:Success is born from the desire, determination and persistence in reaching a goal. Even if they don't reach the goal, those who seek and overcome obstacles will do at least admirable things

TUNATRADES was created by professionals in order to further strengthen this world of cryptocurrencies, which has already invested thousands of dollars and dozens of digital coins for over 6 years.

TUNATRADES was created with one big goal, to bring security and reliability to the digital currency community.
Over the years, various altcoins, tokens, and new cryptocurrencies have emerged, but communities have split.
With TUNATRADES, lovers of the most traded altcoin in the world will be able to have their currencies in one place, being able to trade their currencies with other assets, such as: Bitcoin, DogeCoin and more.
We respect all cryptocurrency assets on our exchange and for that reason we have given opportunities to several cryptocurrencies that offer all types of listings.

Our mission, vision and values.

To be one of the largest exchanges in the Americas in volume of cryptocurrency movement, offering the best services to our customers.
To be the leading exchange in Latin America in buying and selling digital assets.
Honesty, Ethics, Respect, Humility, Integrity, Humanity and Confidentiality.

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