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In the following content you will find the Site Terms and Conditions, which together with the Privacy Policy form a legally binding contract between TUNATRADES and the user.

General layout:
TUNATRADES (hereinafter referred to as "Service") is an online platform for trading cryptocurrencies (tokens, ico; hereinafter referred to as "Cryptocurrency").
The cryptocurrencies available on the Service for trading were added upon user request. The Service is not related to the Cryptocurrencies offered for trading and assumes no responsibility for the actions of ICO organizers, cryptocurrency developers, entrepreneurs or other representatives of the cryptocurrency community.
By selecting a trading tool, the user acknowledges and accepts all related risks (drop in the price of a Cryptocurrency; exclusion of a Cryptocurrency in accordance with the Exclusion Policy, as well as any other risks)
These Terms of Use describe the terms of access to the website and the use of the services provided by the Service.
The Service is subject to the provisions of these Terms of Use.
The Service offers equal rights to all Users, but does not guarantee equal connection quality.
Access to the service:
By registering for the Service, Users undertake to comply with the Terms of Use and confirm that they are at least 18 years of age and that the use of this Service is not prohibited in their country of residence. Users also confirm that they do not plan to carry out any illegal activity through the use of the Service.
Users ensure that they provide true, accurate, current and complete personal information at the time of registration and agree to keep this information up to date.
Users must ensure that their account registration and access details are kept confidential and are fully responsible for all activities on their account, including security breaches and unauthorized access.
Users undertake to notify the Service of any unauthorized use of the account in a timely manner.
Suspension of access:
In the event that the Service suspects illegal activity on an account or suspects that a Users account has been violated or that a User has violated any of the Terms of Use, the account in question will be temporarily suspended. The User must contact the Customer Support Team to restore access.
The Users account will be suspended, without the right to regain access to the account, if the User is deemed to obstruct and impede the operation of the Service.
Third-Party Relations:
By accepting this Agreement, Users warrant that they are the rightful owners and are entitled to use all monies and Cryptocurrencies.
Users who trade with third-party funds are solely responsible to the third-party. TUNATRADES is impartial and not responsible for any third party funds. The Service will not be held responsible in any case of dispute.
The Service will not provide any transaction information to third parties.
The Service will not accept requests or requests from third parties for the suspension of any accounts.
Risk Warning:
By accepting these Terms of Use, Users assume responsibility for any loss resulting from the use of the Service.
Intellectual property:
All materials published on the Site, as well as the Service and other services provided by the Site, are property of the Service and may not be used for publication, distribution or duplication.
Legal Notice:
The Service will be provided on an "as is" basis. The Service will make every effort to ensure the smooth running of the Service. However, it does not guarantee that there may not be technical problems that lead to the total or partial suspension of the Service.
The Service will not be liable to Users for damages they incur, even if the Service has prior knowledge of such damages. In the event of a breach of security, the Service will not be liable to Users for any data leakage to third parties concerning the activities of Users.
The Service will not be responsible for any problems arising from the interruption or loss of connectivity, including interruptions in the global Internet network or arising from any event of force majeure.
Complement:The service operates for customers in all countries except the United States of America - USA, UK and Canada.
Contact:In case of problems, disputes or misunderstandings, please contact the Support Team via from the link:
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