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What is DeFo?
DeFo (Decentralized Forex) is an extension built on top of the Neutrino protocol that enables instant swaps between stable-price assets tied to popular national currencies, indices or commodities. Swaps are carried out by a smart contract, which ensures reliability, transparency and virtually unlimited liquidity at a predetermined rate. All DeFo assets leverage the underlying Waves blockchain’s consensus algorithm to enable staking and thus provide asset holders with attractive annual interest rates. DeFo is an open source solution that can also be integrated into any other interface. The first DeFo interface is available on Waves.Exchange. DeFo is aimed at providing a frictionless bridge between fiat and crypto. It enables easy access to financial instruments (i.e. savings, investments and currency exchange) for residents of those countries where local banking systems are inadequate or offer unfavorable conditions.
What are DeFo stable assets?
DeFo stable assets are digital assets that serve as an equivalent to their underlying fiat analogs. For example, EURN is pegged to the Euro in a 1 to 1 ratio. Currently, there are 7 assets, excluding USDN:
Neutrino EUR (EURN), pegged to the Euro
Neutrino CNY (CNYN), pegged to the Chinese yuan
Neutrino JPY (JPYN), pegged to the Japanese yen
Neutrino RUB (RUBN), pegged to the Russian ruble
Neutrino UAH (UAHN), pegged to the Ukrainian hryvnia
Neutrino NGN (NGNN), pegged to the Nigerian naira
Neutrino BRL (BRLN), pegged to the Brazilian real

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